SEAPMasters 2014 – “Inaugural Masters Swimming Meet that ‘splash’ BIG

SEAPMasters Indonesia Series - June 1st 2014

After a few years of planning, anticipating and studying the meets from different regions, SEAPMasters has finally launched it's first official meet on June 1st 2014. Hosted by INAMasters, SEAPMasters had a big splash by breaking its anticipating crowd of 325 masters swimmers from 19 masters communities and more than 6 different nationalities origins. Most teams are coming from Indonesia and Singapore.

With its tagline, "age is nothing, all can swim" 1st SEAPMasters had a very positive turnaround and feedbacks from its participants. This is the smartest way of introducing swimming as a competitive and measured sports in a fun and friendly way, stated one of participants that joined the meet for the first time. 

SEAPMasters also introducing the first ever masters meet that also distributing participation/finisher medals like other sporting event such as running and cycling. Its a proof that the organizer is adapting to what the market needs and wants. The other series will commence in Singapore in October.

Some facts about 1st SEAPMasters:

  • Record breaking Masters Swimming competition in South East Asia region of 325 masters participants - organizer had to put a limit of participants due to safety and comfort level reasons. (original submitted participants was 437)
  • 1st masters swimming event that gives finisher medals for each participants
  • Statistically, 61% of total participants are non-experience swimmers & 31% are former competitive and experience swimmers
  • Most participants are aged group in 40-44 years old
  • Total of 1000 crowds are attending the meet (most swimmers come along with their spouses and children)

We thank you for the participations, we will be back with even more "splashy" meet as Age is Nothing, ALL CAN SWIM

Happy swimming!