Done – SEAPMasters Indonesia Series 2014

SEAPMasters Thank You

Done and leaving a lot of stories, reunion of former competitive sea games swimmers Indonesia, Singapore swimmers (we need Thai, Malaysian, Philippines) to also join us and soon some other countries swimmers

But on top of it, 61% of the participants are non experiences swimmers! Who happen most of them joined the meet because of the spirit of fitness friendships and fun! 

Runners, cyclists, yoga practioners, homemakers and many other similar backgrounda blended in 1 pool to celebrate the Masters Swimming spirits: ALL CAN SWIM

From this point, we believe that everyone regardless their age and background, will start to learn how to swim at least for safety reasons and most importantly staying FIT, making FRIENDS, and having FUN!

THANK YOU to all participants,
Team From Singapore and other countries who made their time and efforts to join the inaugural SEAPMasters 2014


Click Here- SEAPMasters Indonesia Series photos on Flickr