SEAPMasters – The morale of the meet


The morale of the meet, whether you are junior, middle age, seniors and so forth, we will not stop on putting people to swim.

Part of the objectives of ALL CAN SWIM campaign is to make people believe that all can start from withins.

Family comes first, so start with your family and get them learn how to swim.

Dont ask the benefits and advantages of swimming and sports. It is too many that we cant event list it here 

The poster picture shows more than words. How the youngest karel, swims while he is now 10, his mom and dad also now swim, they are 41, not to forget his aunty and uncle also swim at 40 and 35, last but not least his grandma also took part at our 1st series of SEAPMasters at 65 – courtesy of GPSMasters swimming

Can you?